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The body movement laboratory researches the tension between individual and collective emancipation as an important focus of transformation. By using relational objects and abstract mental images, we explore those corrected or denied gestures by the clinic. The idea is using body movement in the recovery and affirmation of rights. The laboratory has its individual and collective dimension, seeking to open collaborative practices where to experiment with daily movements when bodies appear decoded.

Teaser on the body movement laboratory at the Accademia della Follia in collaboration with the choreographer Sarah Taylor. Trieste, August 2022.

Performance for Distensions#2 with Sala d'Art Jove at MACBA. Barcelona, November 2022. Photo: Elisabet Mateu.

Residence at Corniolo Art Platform on the project 'La vaga grazia' by Eva Geatti in collaboration with the dancer Flavia Zaganelli, presented at Murate Art District in Florence, Italy. 

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