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Images of the Menstruating Body. From the body of work Unmaking the Menstruating Body



79.37cm x 118.9cm | 21cm x 79.37cm  

4 digital colour prints on matte canvas | 4 texts printed in colour on matte canvas

Unmaking the menstruating body is a visual investigation on the historical depiction of women's reproductive anatomy, and its influence on today's image of the female sex. This body of work aims to build an architecture of women's depiction, inviting the audience to rethink the female sex and its elements. In this collection I asked women from different ages to tell me about their image of the menstruating body. Photographs by the artist visualize women’s images of their body during menstruation, with texts describing their ideas. Images explore the effects of old depictions on today's women ideas on their body when menstruating. Texts introduce participants ideas to creating new meanings of the menstruating body. 


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